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November 14th, 2008

08:56 pm - Наебизнес :)

To: sale@goldencliff.com ; gm@goldencliff.com ; director@goldencliff.com
I have the following questions: 1) How much will the room cost? 2) On your site the price is shown as 3,500 Baht (100$), but on hoteltravel.com the price is 76$. What is it so different?

From: "Reception" reception@goldencliff.com
To: sale@goldencliff.com, gm@goldencliff.com, director@goldencliff.com ...
Dear sir,
Rate room in my website the price is shown as 3,500THB.And heteltravel.com
it don't have contact wite me.But we can discount for you from full price is 2,500 THB/pernight

Занавес :)

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