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What I hate in environmentalists and vegetarians being an environmental activist with healthy lifestyle

Even though I am a minimalist and do not eat fast food for years, I sometimes got embarrased by the overall healthy and green movement.
Recently I stumbled upon an Ecological Footprint Quiz at Always Well Within and decided to get to know how sustainable do I live.
"If everyone lived like you we needed 4.28 Earths to sustain it". Not good.
And what about travelling and long airflights?
I created a model of super-environmentalist who does his best but nonetheless flies 15000 km (10000 miles) a year.
You know the results?
"If everyone lived like you we needed 1.08 Earths to sustain it".
So, should we all abandon transatlantic (and transpacific) flights for sustainable living?
Should we go futher and blame all people that just could not have a sustainable lifestyle?
  1. We should kill all esquimos and aleuts because most of their menu consists of meat (because nothing grows around them. They do not support local organic producer!)
Yes, if their favor - they do not travel absolutely.
But nevertheless - they don't use any protection techniques to make environment better.
  1. We should remove all the people from cold regions to hot regions as they would not require to het their livings and so much clothes for a 50-degree Celcuis (90-degree Fahrenheit) range of temperatures.Do you think this is the right action plan?
I think a good core of these initiatives resulted in a tricky manipulation.
And unfortunately I often see it in a world of environmental and animal protection (from being eaten by people).

So, what would be if every person lived quite my lifestyle?
Firstly, there would just be less people in the Earth.
People wouldn't have so many kids and "spread the poverty".
The average age of a Ugandian is 14,7 years.
It is not because they die early - the average lifetime is 53 years and gets better every year.
It is because they don't practice sex "safely".
Secondly, technologies would advance tremendously.
People tend to forget Einstein's thought that problems couldn't be solved at the level consciousness they were created.
Revolutions occur when people stumble upon problems they can not solve.
The biggest source of energy on earth is not oil - it is bacteries.
Listen or watch a fabulous Vinod Khosla presentation on energetic solutions.
Yes, we make huge emissions of CO2, but grobal wartming is not only at Earth but at Venus too.
Further listening: Gragg Braden about fractal time and 5000-year cycles.

And when it comes to vegetarianism, here and there I see investigations that cows require tremendous resources to sustain, especially water.
But why there is no investigation how much water does the cow bring back to water cycle by urination?
Why everybody in a environmental worid see cows as a black hole that require resources dozen of times bigger than it is and gives nothing back?
Let alone the fascism that creature with eyes and mouth are treat as living while plants (without eyes and mouth) - not.

So, I vote for open-mind approach and reexamination of old perceptions.
Do not take what other people want you to think about the world without reconsideration.
Otherwise you can become such an easily-managed zealot like islamic fundamentalists.
p.s. I don't really hate anything.
Other people just shows me something I also have in myself.
"Hate" is just the best word for those who think anything could be hated it this world.

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