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September 18th, 2010

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12:21 am - Why do Russians smile so seldom?
1. Smile in Russian communication is not a sign of politeness.
2. Russian people do not smile at strangers.
3. It is not typical to Russian to give a smile in return.
4. It is not typical for Russian to smile at a person whose eyes you met with your eyes by chance. Americans smile in such a case but Russians turn off their eyes.
5. Russians don’t smile altogether looking at babies or pets. (I think it is a controversial utterance).
6. A Russian smile is a sign of personal attraction.
7. Russians do not smile when working or doing something serious.
8. Russian smile is sincere. It is the expression of either high spirits or a good attitude to a partner.
9. A smile of a Russian person should have a sufficient reason.
10. The only worthy reason of a smile in Russian communication is the wealth of a smiling person.
11. It is not typical for the Russian communicational culture to smile in order to cheer up or make others cheer up. A Russian person will hardly smile without evident wealth or very high spirits.
12. In a pure Russian consciousness a smile need a proper time for appearing. It is considered an independent action, which is very often unnecessary and annoying. Another Russian proverb says, “Business takes time, fun takes an hour”.
13. A smile should fit the situation from the point of view of the people around.
14. Russians do not really distinguish between a smile and laughter. They often mix up these two phenomena.

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Date:September 25th, 2010 01:37 pm (UTC)
Очень хочется верить, что сейчас люди становятся более открытыми и дружелюбными:) хотя в большинстве случаев, все признаки действительно работают...все-таки привычка, выработанная годами)
[User Picture]
Date:September 25th, 2010 05:01 pm (UTC)
От иностранцев я слышал впечатление, что русские очень приветливые, отзывчивые и дружелюбные. Как будто в нашем русском междусобойчике они другие.
Может быть, помогает делать первый шаг? Хотя по моему опыту, это помогает не всегда.
"Выгнать девку из деревни - легко, деревню из девки - трудно"...
Видимо, решает желание казаться хотя бы иностранцу лучше, чем ты на самом деле.

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